What To Do When The Physician Has a New Tax ID?

Physician Has a New Tax ID


What should be the process for the change? Because the provider I had billed for has a new tax ID. How would I upgrade my billing software? Would each insurance agency need to communicate? Can the procedure be as seamless as possible? Since the provider doesn’t want interruptions in payments.


Changing the providers’ ID and EIN can be challenging though I wish there was an easy answer. Getting it done easily without disturbing claims is complicated but not so difficult to manage. Unluckily, without contacting each insurance payer with which your provider is contracted, there is not a simple way to tackle this.

Probably, they have a process or form for managing this yet depending on the insurance payer. So, for Medicare, I would suggest contacting your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for getting directions on replacing the EIN.

However, I think the simplest change that you can make is by updating your billing software and practice management. This is usually done under the practice or provider set up screen depending on the software. It’s merely a matter of exchanging the tax ID number, for most.

This will be the number used on all future claims once it has changed. Therefore, it must be ensured that the insurance payers must have arrangements to recognize the new tax ID linked with the provider. So, the timing of the change is most important. They may also scrub claims for tax ID if you use a clearinghouse.

In the end, I hope you can make this change with less disruption and this goes well for you.

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