Top 5 Trends in Medical Billing And Coding Industry

Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Billing & Coding


The COVID-19 pandemic is grabbing the headlines for almost a year now. As it has had a massive impact on the healthcare industry, every practitioner is asking the same thing i.e. “What are the recent trends of medical billing and coding and how can they be beneficial in overcoming the challenges of this pandemic?” The fact is that there are numerous trends for the practitioners to look into.

The issues regarding these trends are that they may prove risky to the practitioners. These trends may not prove to be beneficial in the long run. There are numerous medical billing trends in the healthcare industry which I have provided in this section below.

1. Advanced Technology:

Medical billing procedures bring numerous issues on the table such as post-billing, billing errors, inaccurate filings and similarities in different tasks. To combat these challenges, advanced technology can prove to be beneficial.

Innovative solutions allow the medical service providers to minimize the billing error rate by giving evidence of the completion of transactions. It ensures data integrity and keeps the company’s data secure including electronic health records (EHR), patient medication, health system information and claims data.

Furthermore, it keeps the billing record secure in a way that ensures no modifications until it gets delivered to the respective recipient. The entire data is secured and saved in a particular location.

2. Mechanized billing

Mechanized billing has been extremely beneficial to the healthcare industry. It ensures that certain billing procedures such as claim submission, insurance, remittances and other tasks get visualized by the cloud-based software. This methodology minimizes the billing error rate as well as claim denials.

To utilize mechanized billing, you must have a complete understanding of technology, medical billing collection and claim denials. For improved accuracy, you can consider outsourcing services to a reliable billing company.

3. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes:

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes give insights regarding the new billing advancements for clinical practice. The CPT codes include remote patient visualization codes that will enable the practitioner to utilize innovative billing trends to collaborate with their patients remotely.

Furthermore, there are effective trending consultation codes that give a high priority of utilizing non-verbal technology to deal with patient care. Additionally, there are innovations such as adaptive behavior analytics, nervous assessments and skin biopsy.

4. Outsourcing services to a reliable billing company

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is one of the most important aspects of a medical practitioner. It consists of numerous complex procedures such as appointments, enrolment, insurance, claim submission, AR follow-ups and payment collections.

For streamlining the processes as well as paying appropriate attention to the patient demands, numerous service providers are considering the option of outsourcing billing services to a reliable billing company.

Outsourcing medical billing services saves time and money. Furthermore, it improves revenue collection and ensures that a practitioner has better control over his medical business. Numerous practitioners have got the best out of their medical practices by considering outsourcing medical billing services to a reliable billing company.

5. Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration

The medical billing trends of 2020 have shown that the service providers are looking for vendors that provide comprehensive software interoperability, enabling the service providers to have a complete understanding of their work tasks. Additionally, they are updated about the recent advancements of the billing environment.

The billing software is combined with the electronic health record to provide the possibility of digital payment procedure from a patient portal as well as effective payment updates regarding the practitioner’s management system.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created possibilities for the healthcare industry to overcome the massive challenges they have at their disposal. The patients must find it comfortable to book appointments with doctors to ensure that they get medical details and recommendations. It is essential for a medical organization to fulfill the demands of the patients and the healthcare systems.

Medical Billing Benefits is very meaningful to the healthcare industry as it provides insights regarding the recent trends of medical billing and coding. It helps numerous practitioners around the world to get the best out of their medical business. If you want details regarding the innovations of medical billing and coding, subscribe to our newsfeed today.

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