Save Space, Time and Money: Outsource Medical billing services

Save Space Time & Money

Save Space Time & Money

It is important to create and configure data inventory for medical records. Configuration of medical records would help the medical billers and coders to make retrieval fast and easy for medical staff. Outsource medical billing companies provide sufficient data storage and configuration services. Medical billing companies manage healthcare administration and provide the following other benefits;

Save Space:

A major problem in the physicians’ office is the storage and organization of medical records. These medical records run the gambit from medical billing records. Medical billing companies provide essential software solutions to manage and generate official documents EOBs, encounter forms, patient registration forms and insurance cards to full-fledged medical charts. Boxes and piles of these conventional manual documents usually fill closets, are under or next to desks, or stacked high in the hall just getting in the way. 

They can’t be completely removed because your medical billing staff needs to access them for insurance follow-up or when patients request copies of old medical records. Physicians along with Storage units basements or garages (which are not HIPAA compliant) may be storage options but the major issue with these compiled records is that; they are not quickly or easily accessible that causes inefficiency of healthcare administrative functions. Moreover, these records are legal documents that have to be retained for up to 10 years. This archiving of medical records results in what could become hundreds of boxes of documents that would be compiled over the years and accommodate more space.

Success Scenario:

There is an effective and practical solution for this problem; to digitize or scan documents, into electronic storage. Medical billing companies provide smart services to manage this information electronically. They provide sufficient storage to all those compilations of boxes of important documents on the internet; that doesn’t cost you for space and helps in efficient and quick data retrieval. Digital is the most preferred way to store your records and the best approach is to outsource your scanning. Although, it might seem that outsourcing can reduce your access and control over your administrative procedures, however, the reality is hostile. They can manage your medial record in the following way;

  1. Outsourcing medical administration can provide you access and help to monitor your revenue generation in a cost-effective way.
  2. They can easily retrieve real-time data from an offshore medical billing and data storage company via phone call or e-mail.
  3. They can easily access any historical data of the patient from their electronic data storage. They will scan them into their secure servers and index them for easy data access.
  4. Documents can be indexed by a variety of unique data criteria including; patient’s name, date of birth or account number.
  5. Once all the records are scanned the original paper records can then be shredded.

Save time:

The most significant benefit of the scanned records is that they are eventually available. Medical billing professionals can easily view at your location usually through a secure web portal that is easily accessible. They utilize standard web browsers such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to communicate across the communication channels. 

Medical billing professionals not only view the records but they also facilitate provide the entire record or just one page. They utilize smart solutions that provide convenient access to each of your locations through the encrypted, password-protected, web portal. It is quite cost-effective and typically offshore medical billing companies charge for their monthly subscriptions, a fee per page or chart and monthly storage fee.

Success Scenario:

Physicians can easily review their medical records. Even a small-size medical business requires a high-speed scanner. Therefore, medical billing companies utilize an automated scanner from the local office supply store. Medical billing companies have essential electronic solutions that are useful for scanning insurance cards. 

They also handle the volume of medical records thus makes the configuration of data quite convenient. Therefore, every healthcare practitioner should acknowledge being digitized even in a small office to speed up their administrative capabilities.

Save Money:

Medical practitioners can increase their cost savings by outsourcing medical billing services. They don’t need to invest in hiring, training and deploying medical billing staff. Medical billing companies usually charge fixed subscription charges. Therefore, it is convenient for physicians to estimate their overall expenditures and maintain their financial audit.

They can estimate the cost as; in general, good scanners that can handle 90 pagers per minute, front and back, start at about $6,000 along with the cost of a file server with lots of data storage. The major expense of the server is due to the multiple hard drives (RAID) that are used in case one hard drive fails. The cost also equipped with the charges of tape drives that are utilized for daily backups.

Success Scenario:

Medical billing companies utilize smart software solutions that are installed on their workstations to store volumes of medical records. Therefore, they manage billable charges and records in a cost-effective way. Thus, it is better to outsource medical billing and coding services for better data configuration and cost-effective administrative solutions rather than investing a capital amount in buying and installing this equipment.

They will also help to save expenditures to hire an in-house technician to install and add these solutions to your computer networks and prevent you from maintaining the costs of the system and medical record. Outsourcing medical billing and coding tasks is an excellent solution to getting rid of all the hassle of boxes full of charts, EOBs, fee tickets and other documents that are stored around the office that must be retained for years. Many medical billing companies provide electronic data storage that makes it not only simple but cost-effective for small, medium and even large healthcare business to manage their data configuration.

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