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We at MBBS have been delivering high quality medical billing services for years. While we understand that our competitors offer same services, there are few very important reasons why you should consider us as a medical billing company, of your choice.

Because we are devoted to helping the customers with their medical billing services. We see their needs, and our goal is to keep up their success rate by providing efficient medical billing services at affordable prices.

The medical billing service industry is quite huge with many different companies to choose from. The success of your practice and the financial health of your business depend on the accuracy, timeliness, and integrity of your medical biller. Premier Medical Billing Inc understands that it is difficult to pass on the tasks of your practice to a third party.


Experienced team of medical billers never let you down & help you to grow your revenue because we have 15 years experience in RCM

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choose us as your medical collection company:

Medical Billing Services builds customized web based medical billing software for medical businesses. This highly flexible system allows you to create bills and invoices in any language and currency, track payments, and automatically send payment reminders as per your choice. We take our job as your medical billing provider very seriously.

We know that in order for our clients to succeed we must free them from the burden of managing office staff and processes so that they can focus on what they do best – treat patients.

We take immense pride in being one of the best medical billing companies. Our comprehensive medical billing services enable you to cut costs, increase profits and enrich patient experience, without disturbing your primary focus as a physician – i.e. attending patients.

Why We Feel Proud to be a Medical Billing Company?

Because We are a global healthcare service provider who is passionate at delivering remarkable medical billing services to medical and related healthcare practitioners.

We have a highly qualified and skilled team of professionals who abide by international coding standards, such as ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT. With our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, we can process the claims of our customers on their behalf.

If your practice is spending more time on coding and billing and less time treating patients, you need us for one of our medical billing services.

We achieve optimal healthcare utilization and reduced coding errors by understanding your practice’s workflow. We help you save time, money and stress.

We help medical practices focus on patient care instead of wasting valuable time micromanaging the billing process. We help you achieve maximum reimbursement with our expertise in claims processing and medical insurance follow-up.

Medical Billing Services
That Stand Out From The Crowd

Why We are Unique Billing Company?

AR Recovery

Providing Accounts Receivable Recovery Services Get back the money that’s rightfully yours


Your Medical Partner for Credentialing because we are Simplifying Credentialing for Physicians Since 2005

Dedicated Team

Your Dedicated Partner for Your Medical Billing Needs. Your Team, Your Mission


We are committed to your privacy that’s why we meeting HIPAA compliance

Crucial Follow Ups

Initial assessment of medical A/R follow up. Analysis’ and prioritizing medical A/R follow up. Collecting the maximum of medical A/R follow-up

Reduced Costs

We will streamline your billing process cut medical billing costs by 50%

Patient Statements

We believe in creating a better healthcare experience for patients. Your partner in patient billing

Payment Posting

We help you through the process of claim submission and payments posting.

Customized Reports

Medical billing services with customized accurate reporting


We are experienced, technologically advanced, and highly affordable.