How To Enroll In 2020 Insurance Coverage Plan_ Changes That You Need To Know

Insurance Coverage Plan

Insurance Coverage Plan

Most of the people have surpassed the deadline to request changes in the 2020 insurance coverage plan. However, a Special Enrollment Period or Medicaid for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) still allows some people to enroll for the new reforms.

You can become able to enroll for the new 2020 insurance coverage plan in the two following ways;

1. Through The Special Enrollment Period:

You can become eligible for Special Enrollment Period if you experience certain types of changes in life such as;

  • If you have lost health coverage.
  • You have got married this year.
  • You had a new baby this year.

In such situations, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. It would enable you to enroll in a Market plan for 2020. If you find yourself eligible for the special enrollment period then you can apply at the official website of

2. Through Medicaid or the CHIP:

It is an easier option than the Special Enrollment program. You can apply for free or low-cost insurance coverage plan through Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) anytime in the year. You should be eligible for all of the qualification criteria to enroll in this program as well.

Therefore, you should check the qualification criteria for Medicaid and CHIP before you apply. You can also check the qualification criteria on the following link;

Once, you find yourself eligible for this program then you can apply for Medicaid and CHIP in the 2 following ways;

The Health Insurance Marketplace:

If you want to enroll through the health insurance marketplace program then you should fill out their application form. If the organizational members of hhs will observe anyone in your household eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. Then they will send information to your state agency. They will contact you to ask about your enrollment in this program.

When you apply for the Marketplace program, you will also find out the qualification criteria mentioned in the application form. If you qualify for an individual plan with savings based on your net income. In that case, this plan becomes more affordable than you think.

With Your State Medicaid Agency:

You can directly apply for this program through your state Medical Agency.

Changes In The 2020 Insurance Coverage Plan

Instead of Open Enrollment, you can apply for the changes in the insurance coverage plans. For this purpose, you should ensure that you have a life event that has made you eligible for the Special Enrollment Period in advance.

Those who qualify for a Special Enrollment Period and want to make changes in their plans may have a limited number of health plan “metal” categories to choose from. It means that if you want to change plans during a Special Enrollment Period then you should select a new plan. This new plan should belong to the same category as your existing plan. If you want to enroll in a different category then wait until the next Open Enrollment.

Enrollees and their dependents (also including newly added household members) who qualify for the most common Special Enrollment Period types i.e. a loss of health insurance, moving to a new home or change in household size. They will only be able to pick a plan from their current plan category.

For instance, if someone has already enrolled for the Bronze health plan. Now he/she wants to change plans will only qualify for a new plan that also belongs to the Bronze category.

However, you can change plan categories in the following circumstances;

                               Changes In The Plan Category

It is possible to change the coverage plan in a different category during a Special Enrollment Period under the following particular circumstances.

1. Eligibility For Cost-Sharing Reductions:

If you have recently become eligible for special savings in the Marketplace for cost-sharing reductions(CSRs). Also, you have not enrolled in a Silver Health Plan with CSRs. Then you can use your cost-sharing plans by choosing a plan from the Silver category.

2. Additional Household Members:

If you have new members in your household due to marriage, birth, adoption, foster care or court order. Then you should select a new department and add it to your current plan. You can also add them to their existing group and enroll them in any plan for the rest of the year. Remember that, it is only applicable to the new household members. Current enrollees can’t change their insurance coverage plan in this case.

3. Your Plan Doesn’t Include New Members:

If your current plan doesn’t allow you to add new household members to your current plan. Then you and your family can enroll in a different plan in the same category. However, if you can’t find any plan in your current category, then you can enroll in a different category that is one level up or one level down along with your family.

4. Employer Helps With The Coverage Cost:

You can gain access to an individual coverage HRA or a QSEHRA from your employer to help you with the coverage cost. It doesn’t limit your ability to choose a new plan during a Special Enrollment Period. However, you should make sure that you enroll in a plan that starts with the beginning date of your individual coverage HRA or QSEHRA. Although, if your employer offers a later start date then you cannot enroll in such a plan.

5. Complex Situations:

Some Special Enrollment Periods do not limit your ability to choose a new plan in the complex situations. For instance, due to misinterpretation or plan display error, gaining or maintaining status as a member of a federally recognized tribe or an Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act ANSCA) Corporation shareholder or any other situation that is very rare to occur. In such conditions, you are eligible to choose a new plan during a Special Enrollment Period.

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