6 Best Health Campaign Ideas That Actually Work & Drive Positive Outcomes

Health Campaign Ideas

Why is a health campaign important? Health campaign ideas are playing a pivotal role in addressing the gaps in the patient’s care. Many healthcare providers and physicians have noticed that patients are putting off follow-up and important preventive care. That’s the reason they are more prone to contagious disease progression, adverse outcomes, and a high risk of complications. 

Why Do Health Campaigns Matter?

Health campaigns are an important tool for cutting through the noise as many priorities are competing for patient’s attention. With these campaigning ideas, healthcare providers help patients to prioritize their health and create long-lasting relationships with them.  A health campaign comprises activities and a broad set of strategies that are used to disseminate persuasive and relevant wellness information to individuals who need them. This helps the patients to adopt behaviors that promote good health and resist imminent health threats. Some examples of health campaigning ideas are;

Annual colonoscopies, mammograms, and other screening

Deliver appointment availability to patients for getting a preventive screening done. Digital ‘’shoulder tap’’ to patients to make them stay current and take treatment in an earlier phase of the disease.

Melanoma Re-checks

Re-engage patients to follow post-treatment after 3/6/9 months and keep up with the ongoing follow-ups. Sending customized texts to make it easy for patients to schedule their recheck appointment and follow-up care.

“Not Seen in 3”

Healthcare professionals utilize the “not seen in 3” campaign to remind patients about their rechecks & send them texts to make a new appointment. 

Shift Your Focus On Health Campaigns 

It helps medical groups and healthcare organizations to drive positive clinical outcomes by engaging patients in their own healthcare. In this way, the patients that are overdue for exams, vaccines, screening, and other ongoing care procedures are identified by an automated engagement program. This system uses the clinical data that is present in the EHR to take prompt actions about those patients and reach them with specific means by messaging, etc.    

At this point, patients become able to stay up-to-date and informed about the procedural options that are available due to these varying campaigns. 

Drive Engagement By Using Health Campaign Ideas 

Health campaigns allow healthcare professionals to easily share significant data on preferred treatment options, health risks/needs, care options, and new services that patients can avail. This empowers patients to receive the right information at the right time. So, they can take steps towards their care by easily consuming their healthcare information to improve their health. 

In this way, medical practice will also provide better patient care, reduce costs, and enhance health outcomes. Patients become able to adhere to their treatment plans better and make lifestyle changes with lower readmission rates(as they are educated about their care & risks) and higher patient satisfaction. 

WHO (World Health Organization) emphasizes, ‘’Automated health campaigns pledge that you are prioritizing patient safety and delivering quality healthcare billing services’’. That makes sense now if patients are engaged with the physicians they become able to make critical decisions about their health. They stay well-informed, share care opportunities and voice their needs. 

These strategies aim to encourage them to acknowledge a patient’s knowledge of their bodies and share in the responsibility of maintaining their health status. In return, patients can better adhere to medication plans, follow-up/preventive care when they are involved in their own healthcare decisions. 

Best Health Campaign Ideas That Actually Work

The winning strategy for reducing patient care gaps and retaining patients is consistently targeted health campaigns. Medical facilities segment the patients by immunizations, screenings, and other care options while utilizing the clinical EHR data.

Moreover, to get your patients’ attention and verifying their behaviors leveraging a combination of text, voice, email can be a good idea. After this, pick between direct and awareness response healthcare campaigns. You can educate your patients about the following information by an awareness campaign; 

  • New treatment options.
  • Diseases.
  • News.
  • Practice information.
  • New healthcare trends.
  • Tips against specific disease protection and prevention. 

On the other hand, patients can commit or act to action by a direct response campaign i.e to enable the patients for booking a consultation. At this point, for gauging or measuring patient engagement_ you can use new leads, touch-points, submission of forms, etc.  

The whole procedure ensures that medical practices do not just reach the right audience with the right type of campaign but have driven positive outcomes too. So, the key to driving engagement is health literacy through a healthcare campaign that helps, informs, educates the patients to aid themselves. You can create an easily reportable database of patient engagement and outreach with personalization, assurance, and visibility by the following health campaign ideas that actually work;

Strategically Utilizing Time

You can create the momentum of different timelines, events, themes by leveraging the timing of your health campaigns. For example, if you are running a children’s eye health awareness campaign, August is the right time to promote your campaign idea as it is the ‘’Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month’’. To make the most influence, let your campaign begin or end a month earlier or later. 

Use the Power of Email/Voice Messages/Text

For your targeted audience, create targeted messages. These personalized messages will reach them to meet their needs. One cost-effective way to reach your patients is through email, text, voice messages. Manual outreach can’t meet the level of efficiency and reliability that you will meet this way. So, you can create personalized messages for your patients to track the responses, deliverability, and outreach. According to chosen demographics for future campaigns, user groups to develop templates. 

Meaningful CTA

A health campaign idea aims to make it easy for patients to assess their physicians and educate, remind, inform the patients about their ongoing healthcare. Clear action steps and patient engagement tools will help you drive excellent conversions from campaigns. Either through the website or patient portal provide them with the offer of self-scheduling. They will be able to make appointments directly from the campaign messaging. When you have provided the link of scheduling in your health campaign. 

Accurate Information 

Information plays a significant role in improving the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimizes the content of your campaign for future communication. You can better understand your patients. Data allows healthcare providers to develop excellent future campaigns. Patients respond when the content resonates with them efficiently. Moreover, email open rate, high deliverability, positive feedback, conversions, and reply rates also indicate the success of your health campaign idea. Besides, you get an impression of what needs improvement when your idea is effective, relevant, and works expeditiously. 

Advanced Health Campaign Solutions

If you attempt the tasks manually such as reminders, emails, follow-ups, sending text messages, voice messages, etc. It will require resources to handle these repetitive tasks. Adopting health campaign solutions will automate all tasks and help you focus on what matters most. With automation, through existing patient engagement you can offer ongoing support until patients convert and nurture inactive patients. Hence, you can keep them engaged and informed by developing loyalty outside practice. 

Based on Patients’ Feedback Customize the Campaigns 

For building health campaign ideas use feedback from the patients to best match the audiences’ requirements. That way, you become able to produce content that would be interesting and useful from the patients’ point of view. This will further boost patient engagement and they will develop the courage to share it with their networks.

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